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How do I set up a Landing Page to send unique single-use coupons per email?

The Landing Page is the perfect tool for distributing single-use coupons via email to unique receivers. Let's set one up together! Watch the video to see what's possible. Follow the guidelines below to step-by-step create a Landing Page with a unique single-use email form.

Let's open the Landing Page builder. Navigate to 'Integrations' (1). Open the Landing Pages.

Press 'Create Landing Page' (1) and select a template. I'm using the bicycle one in my example. Your Landing Page builder opens.

Let's first alter the text. Press on the text module on the Landing Page. (1) Select 'edit text' (2) to customize the text.

'Enter your email address and claim your discount!' is my text.

Next, let's edit the current form on the Landing Page. Press somewhere near the 'Submit' button. (1) The 'edit form' button shows up. Press on 'edit form'. (2) The Form Settings tab opens.

1) The form settings automatically open at the 'actions' tab.

2) Select which type of campaign you're going to distribute through your Landing Page. I'm using a Coupon.

3) Switch the 'Coupon type' setting to single-use to guarantee unique Coupons.

4) In this example the coupon will be sent by email. Select 'email' as 'Send type'.

5) Last but not least, press on 'select Coupon' to link a Coupon to your Landing Page. That's the Coupon that's distributed via email if the users has filled in his email address correctly and hit 'Submit'. If your traget Coupon isn't Single-use yet, the following warning shows up. Simply enable it to continue. (6)

7) Don't forget to put your email properties right. Press on the link to alter things like the sender, subject,..

Since we have already indicated the distribution method (email) and that it has to be single-use, it's time to arrange the input. Since email is your only distribution method, the email address input field is already displayed and required. Since we're working with single-use, the 'Unique' function is necessary. Users can only use their email address once. If they try again with the same email address, the system recognizes it and will sent out the same Coupon.

Press on the arrow I indicated in the red box in the screenshot to open the drop down. If you toggle Terms & Conditions, users have to agree with the Terms & Conditions before they can submit. More information about the configuration of your Terms & Conditions is provided in this article.

If the drop down menu opened, toggle 'Unique'. (1) It is also possible to add some more input fields. Simply hit the '+ icon' to do so. (2)

It's the modal that pops up when the user has successfully submitted the form. You can alter the title and message. It's also possible to display a redirection button on the modal.

'Congratulations!' Is my title. My text is: 'Your Coupon is en route by email.'

It's also possible to alter the entire layout of the form and the button. Those are easy-to-manage features. I'm sticking with the current layout.

Time to preview!

Press on the 'eye icon' right above the Landing Page. (1) The Landing Page opens. Enter your email address, hit submit and you'll receive your Coupon through email.

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