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Is it possible to save the loyalty cards in my mobile wallet like Apple Wallet, Apple Passbook, WalletPasses for Android?

Yes, each loyalty card can be stored in the Apple Wallet or Android WalletPasses.

How can a user store the card to his mobile wallet?

Users can store their loyalty cards by going to Select the card you want to save and click on the hamburger icon the top right of your loyalty card after you have clicked on 'Open card'. There you will see the option 'Save to mobile wallet'

What are the advantages of storing loyalty cards to the wallet?

It works offline too

It will show a home screen nearby notification based on the users GPS location

It can connect with a beacon to show a nearby notification

It's a standard app available on every iOS device

Will the saved wallet card update automatically after a user receive a stamp or points?

Yes, the wallet will update automatically after each new stamp or new points if the user is online.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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