Yes, that's possible!

Head to Payment settings under White label on your Coupontools dashboard.

If you don't see the "Payment settings" feature in your account please contact and we'll enable it for you!

On the Payment settings page you will see that you can use one of our payment methods

If you're going to use PayPal then make sure that you link your Paypal account/ID on it
If you're going to use Stripe then make sure that you have a Publishable key and a Secret key of Stripe.

The description text on the payment page will show up at the top.

You are able to set up a price item (or price items) on the payment page. Maximum 4 price items can be set up. You can write down a description on each price item (for example: amount of coupons they can use or you can give the price items a name [Bronze, Silver or Gold, for example]

Lastly, you can write down your Terms & Conditions(This will show up at the bottom)

Once you have done all that, press save

Now that you have set up your payment page, head over to your Subaccount Manager and click on Edit on one of your subaccounts

In the General Settings tab set the Payment status to Trial account. Otherwise, they will not see your payment page.

Also, enable Show 'Buy now' page under Account payment Settings on the Edit Account Restrictions tab

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