Canada has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct shortcode connection is necessary in order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks.
Coupontools does not have a Canadian Shortcode and cannot delivery marketing SMS messages to Canada.
Coupontools can provide US Toll free numbers for non marketing content only

U.S. Toll free numbers:
Toll Free numbers can deliver to all Canadian carriers.
Delivery Receipts: You will receive network delivery receipts instead of handset DLR’s when sending to Canada.
Other: Rotating TFN’s is against Carrier Best Practices and will result in traffic getting blocked by the carriers.

Restricted Content:
Emergency notifications & SMS/Betting/gambling content are not supported on any senders

Use your own shortcode
If you own your own Canadian SMS shortcode and you are a Coupontools customer, we can integrate your shortcode into our SMS software.
Contact us for further information. There are additonal one time setup costs.
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