Here’s how the odds work on a gamified coupon
Note: The "odds / Percentage" part is separate from the "Limited prize settings" part.
Prize limitation is only available in the "advanced coupon builder".

The odds calculation is pretty obvious.
For example: If you setup a chance of 10% percent to win the first prize and 30% to win the 2nd prize; the results are based on those chances.

So, in theory, if 100 consumers play the gamified coupon you should have approximately 10 winners for the first prize and 30 for the 2nd prize.

Limited Prize Settings
The limited prize setting can be used to limit the amount of winners per prize.

Example: You can setup a 1% chance to win a big prize, limited to 1 winner only, and 99% chance to win another small prize.

After 1 consumer won the 1ste big prize nobody can win this prize again.

Important notes:
If you setup a 100% win chance + you use a prize limitation combined it works like this:

Example: I've setup 30% win chances for prize A, limited to 2 winners, and 70% win chances for prize B , not limited.

From the moment you'll reach 2 winners for prize A, there are only 70% chances left to win. The first prize becomes unavailable so there is 30% chance to win nothing.
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