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How do I setup an opt-in before the gamification?

Yes, there are multiple ways to do this:

1) Via the advanced settings of the coupon

To set up an opt-in page before gamification, go to 'Advanced settings' of your coupon builder and turn on 'Social login'

There it will ask you to either enable Facebook, Email or Datacapture.

If you enable Facebook then it will ask the customer to log in with it. Once logged in they can continue with their gamified coupon

If Email is enabled the customer has the option to either sign in or register with their email address. If they have registered before by email on one of your other coupons then they simply need to enter their email address and their password. With email registration they have to enter their first name, last name, email address and set up a password.

If Datacapture is enabled you can decide what the customer needs to fill in before they play your gamified coupon. The image below shows you what you can enable with Datacapture.

Their details will be stored on the statistics page of your gamified coupon.

2) Landing page before the Coupon.

This gives you more options for customization but also a more secure distribution. Follow my lead to set one up before your gamified coupon.

Let's open the Landing Page builder. Navigate to 'Distribution'. Open the Landing Pages.

Press 'Create Landing Page' (1) and select a template. I'm using the bicycle one in my example. Your Landing Page builder opens.

Let's first alter the text. Press on the text module on the Landing Page. (1) Select 'edit text' (2) to customize the text.

'Fill out your details to claim your coupon!' is my text.

Next, let's edit the form where you decide which data the visitor has to fill out to proceed.

Press near the 'submit' button and hit 'edit form'

The form settings modal appears. Press on 'input'. First, let's set up the data you'd like to capture. I'm going for first name, last name and phone number in this example.

1) hit te '+' sign to add new input fields to the form. I have created 3. Now let's set up the last name and the same for first name.
2) Press on the 'new input' you have just added to edit it.
3) Enter the label that's displayed above the input field on your landing page
4) Select the input type. For this one, it's text.
5) Select the field type. Choose among first name, last name or other. Last name it is!
6) Toggle required if you want users to not be able to proceed without filling it out.


Next, let's set up the Phone number field. Same approach as above-mentioned.

1) The label is 'Phone number'
2) Input type is 'Phone'
3) Make it both required and unique. This way, only UNIQUE phone numbers will have access to that coupon.

Next step, let's link a single-use gamified Coupon to this Landing Page.

1) Navigate to the actions tab.
2) Select coupon as campaign type
3) Enable Single-use
4) We're only using the phone number to check for duplicates. After people have entered their details and been verified as a unique input, they are redirected to their single-use coupon.
5) Select the gamified coupon you want to distribute via this Landing Page
6) Press on enable single-use to guarantee a secure single-use coupon
7) You need to verify on a unique input field. We have already covered this when setting up the input fields. Phone number is our unique input field.

That's it! Your landing page is ready to launch and will capture data BEFORE the game have been played.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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