If you're planning on reselling our services white labeled, you can display a registration form on your website to gather trials. Follow my lead.

In the dashboard, navigate to white label (1) -> Registration form (2)

Now it's time to create your white label registration form. i'll walk you through the relevant settings and features.

Settings: If enabled, registered users automatically receive their login credentials on the given email address. If disabled, you'll have to approve trial requests manually first.
Send notifications to: Enter the email address you want to receive notification on for every new registration.
Trial account validity: Select for how long a trial account remains valid.
Currency: select which currency you're accepting payments in.
Maximum active campaigns: Set up how many active campaigns a sub account is allowed to have.
Integrations: select which integrations trials have access to.
Templates: Select which templates a trial account sees.

Add country selector: Ask trials which country they're from.
Add phone number field: Ask trials for their phone number.

Third-party app installation
Insert third-party integration codes that are loaded after a registration. E.g. Zendesk Livechat, Intercom, Liveperson, Retarting pixels, analytics,..

How to display the registration form on your website?

We provide an Iframe HTML code to integrate the registration form in your website or landing page. Simply copy the code below and embed it in your website or landing page.

Where can I find an overview of the registrations?

Navigate to white label. Open the sub account manager. There's an real-time overview of all your sub accounts with their status. Trial account or customers. (3)

Keep in mind: that if you want to add your logo to the mail that's send to the trial account, you have to upload it in the branding tab. (4)

The screenshot below is the form builder previewer.

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