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USA : SMS Features & Restrictions

The USA has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary in order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks.

Sender ID
All SMS sent to the US must originate from either a U.S. pre-approved long number or short code that is associated with your Coupontools account. Alpha sender IDs are not supported. You are able to purchase your own dedicated SMS number from our dashboard. If you need more traffic/day you can purchase multiple numbers.

Other features/restrictions of note
Maximum Throughput: There is a limit of 1 SMS per second and per virtual number for SMS sent from a long virtual number in the US due to local carriers regulations.

Charitable Donation: AT&T no longer accepts any SMS or MMS based campaign submissions that include any charitable donation element. Current “Text-To-Donate” campaigns will continue to be allowed. Campaign Submissions that include donation capabilities by being directed to a website for credit card donations or other methods, will not be approved.

Gambling: Gambling/Casino/BINGO should be age gated and only promote content like events/locations/etc and NOT actual Gambling/Casino/BINGO.

High risk marketing programs with increased potential for spam are not allowed on P2P, shared short code or toll free SMS routes. Customers may apply for a dedicated short code for these type of programs.

List of high risk SMS programs detailed below:

Financial offerings, loan origination and matchingPayday loansShort-term loansAuto loansMortgage loansStudent loans
Debt consolidation and reduction
Debt forgiveness
Investment opportunities
Affiliate lead and/or commission generation
Credit repair programs
Tax relief programs
Work from home programs
Get rich quick programs

AT&T is no longer allowing the above high risk marketing programs on their network at all, even via dedicated short codes.

The following SMS programs are banned on all number originators:

Illegal Substances (Cannabis)
Fraud, Spam and Phishing
Deceptive Marketing

Updated on: 16/07/2020

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