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Can I customize the login page for my customers?

Yes, you can customize the login page logo, colors, background image.

How to update the login page background image?

- Go to "White label".
- Go to "Branding" and click on the tab "Customize login page" (layout settings).
- Upload your own background image.

The logo on the login page is displayed in the control panel and e-mails.
- Go to White Label and select "Branding".
- Click on the tab " Logo".

How to update the login page colors scheme?

The login page colors are the same button colors as you have setup for your controlpanel.
- Go to "White Label" and select "Branding".
- Go to "Color scheme".

How to update the login page URL?

You can install the login page on your own domain name if you have a custom domain license.


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