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Can I display white labeled instruction videos to my subaccounts?

Yes, it is possible to display guiding instruction videos to your subaccounts. If you do so, the videos will appear in the yellow zone at the top of the coupon or voucher builder. Follow my lead to enable the instruction videos for your subaccounts.

How to enable the instruction videos for subaccounts

First, navigate to white label (1) and next, subaccountmanager (2). Press on 'edit' (3).

Next, go to 'edit account restrictions' (1) and enable tutorial videos (2).

This is how they appear in the subaccount's builder.

Can I also download these videos?

Yes, the white labeled instruction videos are located in your marketing materials section in the white label tab of your account.

Open the white label tab (1) and select marketing materials (2). Scroll down until you see 'videos'. There you can download the videos.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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