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Can I see how many times my app has been downloaded?

In order to see how many times your app has been downloaded you can use our app Manager.

If you purchased an IOS & Google app from us you'll see the app manager in your dashboard.

If you have a white label app that is made by us but you don't have the App Manager, then you can always send us an email or a message to the chat support and we will enable it for you.


Click on the 'Analytics' button to see your app downloads. You can see this button on the top left of your App Manager dashboard.

By default it will always show you the downloads of the last 7 days.
You can also see how many times the app has been downloaded on iOS and on Android of the last 7 days

To see how many times your app has been downloaded on a different date, click on the Date Picker. There you can choose between last 7 Days and custom range.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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