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Can I setup a coupon that can be used multiple times by multiple users on 1 device or kiosk?

If you want to set up a coupon that can be used multiple times then do the following: wat gebeurd er met het engelse article

First you will have to enable kiosk mode on your gamified coupon. You can find this on the game settings of your coupon builder

Note: If you don't see the "kiosk mode" button please contact support to enable it in your account!

The next important thing is to setup a redirect button that is linked to your coupon URL link. To do this, go to 'After claim' section of your coupon and turn everything off except the 'Redirect button' option


If you want to let the customers to fill in their personal details before they play the game, then you should turn on the social login button in 'Advanced settings' of your coupon builder

If social login is enabled, then turn on datacapture. With this you can ask for their phone number, email address, name, etc... .

After the customer has played the game they will have to enter their email address in order to get their personal coupon code. This is done by using the claim action 'Enter personal details'

NOTE: make sure that 'Send coupon to client after claim' is turned on, otherwise they will not receive anything on their email.

After they have clicked on submit then they will see a 'go back' button that will be redirected to the first page of the coupon (game page)

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