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The proceed button doesn't appear after the scratch card has been scratched

Doesn't your 'proceed' button appears right after a customer scratched his digital scratch card? Follow my lead to fix it!

If the proceed button doesn't show up as soon as you scratched the scratch image, you have probably put the 'scratch reveal percentage' too high. I'd always recommend keeping it below 80% for a seamless experience and no hidden issues during your digital scratch card campaign.

What is the scratch reveal percentage?
It's the percentage of the image that needs to be scratched to reveal the prize behind it. If you put it on 100%, the user should scratch EVERY element of the scratch image before it reveals the image behind it and the option to proceed. If you forget to scratch a tiny bit of the image, the button won't appear, or the redirection won't happen.

How can I change the 'scratch reveal percentage?'

Easy. Open the digital scratch card in your coupon builder. Then press on 'Scratch & Win' (1) and 'game settings' (2) and then select the winner settings tab (3). Select a percentage below 80% for the best possible flow without any issues.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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