To create a sub account, go to 'Subaccount manager' under 'White label' on your dashboard

Click on the button ' + Add subaccount '

Set up the Username, Email and Company name and click on 'Proceed'

After you have clicked on 'Proceed' you will see that you can give your sub account active campaigns, a coupon domain name, expiration date and a payment status (trial or customer) under the tab 'General Settings'

On the tab 'Edit Account restrictions' you can set up what your subaccount is allowed to do and create.

On the tab 'Integrations' you can decide what integration they are allowed to use. You can either give them no integration, a select amount of integrations or you can give them all of the integrations (White labeled or including Coupontools branded integrations).

On the 'Manage webhooks' tab you can enable webhooks for your subaccount

On the 'Actions' tab you can login on their account, send their account details (username and password), block the account and remove the account.

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