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How do I set up a Landing Page for unique single-use coupons for Mobile Wallets

The Landing Page is the perfect tool for distributing single-use coupons via the Landing Page to unique Mobile Wallet recipients. Let's set one up together!

Let's open the Landing Page builder. Navigate to 'Integrations' (1). Open the Landing Pages.

Press 'Create Landing Page' (1) and select a template. I'm using the bicycle one in my example. Your Landing Page builder opens.

Let's edit the current form on the Landing Page. Press somewhere near the 'Submit' button. (1) The 'edit form' button shows up. Press on 'edit form'. (2) The Form Settings tab opens.

Let's go to the 'action' tab. (1)

2) Select which campaign type you want to distribute via your Landing Page.
3) Select single-use if you want it to be single-use. Keep in mind that if you want campaigns to be single-use, you should ALWAYS include a unique input field. We'll come across that later in this article.
4) Select wallet as send type.
5) Select the Coupon you want to link to this landing page.
6) A warning shows up. Simply enable it for the Coupon to guarantee single-use.
7) Because we're launching a single-use campaign, we need a unique input field to check for duplicates.

In this example we're using SMS as a verification tool, not as a send type/distribution method. The Landing Page check whether the phone number is unique to provide the single-use campaign. If the system recognizes the phone number, he'll receive the same coupon once again.

Press the input tab (1). Press on the green '+' icon to add an input field. (2)

Like a mentioned above, in this example we're using a phone number as verification. Users have to enter a unique phone number to receive a particular Coupon. If they enter the same number again, they'll receive the same campaign. The Coupon will not be distributed through SMS.

Press on the dropdown arrow to reveal the input settings.

1) Enter a label that's visible above the input field on your landing page. Because we're asking for a phone number, I'm using 'Phone number'
2) Select the input type. Because we're asking for a phone number, put it on 'phone'.
3) Make the input both unique and required. This way our system checks on duplicates and only allows one Coupon per valid, unique phone number.

This popup is ONLY visible when a user has succesfully submitted the form (enter their phone number). In case of Mobile Wallet distribution, it will include a QR code (if on desktop) which is scannable for the user.

If users are using their smartphone, the Coupon is immediately stored in their Mobile Wallet. The pop-up is not visible in this case.

Layout and Button are both easy to manage features which are self-explanatory.

If you followed the instructions, your Landing Page is good to go.

On a smartphone:

Hit 'Launch' (the red icon in the left menu with the rocket icon) and select how you want to launch your Landing Page. I'm going for 'QR code'.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone and follow the instructions on the landing page to experience the flow and receive your Coupon. If your submission was successful, your coupon is automatically stored in your Mobile Wallet.

On desktop
I'm using the 'Preview' (eye) icon in the top menu of your Landing Page builder.

Press on the 'Eye' icon, follow the instructions. If your submission was successful, the popup displays a QR code. Scan the QR code to store your Coupon in your smartphone's Mobile Wallet.

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