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How do rewards work with loyalty cards?

A reward is basically a coupon. If a customer reaches a certain amount of points or stamps in their card, then they will receive a reward. A loyalty card can have multiple rewards

The amount of rewards is limited on a stamp and point card.

This can be set up in the 'Rewards' section of your loyalty card builder but make sure that you create a coupon first before you start setting up rewards.

To create a coupon, click on 'Create Coupon' in the left menu of your dashboard or click on 'Create Coupon' in the Coupons overview and select a coupon template.

After you have finished setting up a coupon, go to the 'Rewards' section of your loyalty card builder. To go to the loyalty card builder, click on 'Create Loyalty Card' on the left menu of your dashboard or click on 'Create Loyalty Card' in the Loyalty Cards overview and select a loyalty card template.

Click on the '+' icon next to 'No reward selected' and select the coupon that you have created and click on 'Proceed'

Your coupon/reward has now been added to your loyalty card.

If you would like to add more than 1 reward, simply click on the green '+' icon and a new reward can be added and you can also decide after how many stamps/points the reward will be added.

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