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How to create single-use coupon codes for your Amazon webshop?

In this article we'll show you how you can create single use coupon codes in amazon.
In another article we'll show you how you can use those single use coupon codes combined with our Coupontools software:

How to create Amazon coupon codes

We begin the set-up process on the Advertisements > Promotions page that looks like this:

From the Promotions page, click on “Manage Your Promotions” which will bring up a menu that looks like this:

On this page, look for the Promotion you wish to work on from the list at the bottom. Choose the Promotion by clicking on its “Tracking ID”.

On the next View Promotion page, choose “Manage Claim Codes” from the menu near the top.

On the Manage Claim Codes page, enter a name you’d like to assign to this specific group of codes, then choose the number of promotional codes you’d like to have.

Once you’ve assigned a name to your Group and chosen the quantity, click on Create.

Now a new claim code group should appear in the bottom of the screen, and the status should be displayed as “In Progress”.

Allow the claim codes to process for 1 to 2 minutes, refresh the page, then a “Download” link should appear on the far right of the line. Click download.

Unzip the .txt file, then open the file to view each coupon code. Save the codes to a file location you will be able to remember. You may also want to rename the file to make it easier to reference in the future.

Go to your Coupontools controlpanel to import your single use codes with your Coupontools coupons.


One of the most crucial challenges for any Amazon seller when running a promotion is protecting your inventory. By using single-use coupon codes, you can be assured that only a specific number of customers will receive the discount, and even if the code is shared publicly, it can only be used once.

Don’t become one of the stories shared by so many sellers who have lost thousands of dollars from a mistake with a promotion. Educate yourself in how to setup single-use coupon codes.

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