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How to stop the recurring payments temporary?

If you have no need of the Coupontools platform for some period you can stop the payment plan at any time and reactivate it later without losing your account, campaigns and settings. During this period you have still access to your account in trial mode. You can still create campaigns in trial mode.

The maximum duration of your freeze period can be 3 months

Go to 'plans & prices'

Click on 'Cancel payment subscription'

Now you can select 'temporary freeze' or 'cancel subscription'

To stop payments temporary and keep your account alive select 'Temporary freeze payments'

You will receive a confirmation email after you freezed your payments.

When you want to reactivate your payment subscription just login with your account credentials, and select 'upgrade now' on the dashboard.

Our platform will guide you how to re-activate your payment plan.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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