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How can I add points or stamps to a loyalty card?

There are 3 methods to add stamps or points to a loyalty card.

1. Scanning the QR-code of the customer

After you have scanned the QR-code then it will ask you to fill in the merchant's password. The password is the one that you have set up on your locations from that loyalty card.

On the next page, you can decide how many points or stamps the customer will get.

After you click on 'Send' then the customer wil receive their points or stamps

2. Use our validation app or web URL.

You can download our validation app or surf to for validation.

To do this, login first with the email address and password that you have set up on the locations of your loyalty card and click on 'ENTER CUSTOMER CODE'

The customer code can be found on the consumers loyalty card below the QR code.

3. Add points directly on the clients phone/device.

You can enter the merchants password on the customers phone and add points directly without any other device.

Updated on: 05/03/2020

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