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How do I create/add my own Facebook app for my custom domain?

How do I create/add my own Facebook app for my custom domain?

If you want to use social login for your own custom domain name you'll need a custom Facebook App. Facebook does not allow a generic Facebook app but only a Facebook app for each domain/client.

Go to
If you don't have a developer account yet, select 'get started in the right top corner'

Click on Create a new app and select the 3rd option.

You'll need to add:
- App Display Name
- App Contact Email

Make sure you setup here a working email, Facebook can send notifications to your email if something is wrong with your app.

After creating the new app go to settings and pick "Basic"

On this page you can find here your app ID and app secret.
You'll need to copy and paste these to our platform.

You'll need to add here:
- Display Name: add here a display name
- Namespace: add here a unique namespace for your app
- App Domains: add here the domain where you are running the social login (example:
- Privacy Policy URL: add here a link to a working privacy policy
- Category: select the category

Privacy policy URL:

You can link to your website's privacy policy or use our generic privacy policy.
You can use these URLS:

Optional you can also add Data Protection Officer Contact Information and other items
In my article I only show you the required fields.

At the bottom of the basic settings you'll need to add the platform:

Select here "website" and enter the url of the custom domain here too.

Advanced section

you can setup here for example age restrictions etc but these items are not required to setup.

Make the app live

After creation the app is in development mode. You'll need to make the app live

If you have forgotten some setttings Facebook will give advices what you'll need to fix to make the app live.

Updated on: 09/06/2021

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