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I purchased the custom domain name license. How do I point my domain to your servers?

How do I point my custom domain to your servers?

First you have to decide which domain you want to point to our servers.
It can be a full domain or a subdomain.
Example or

You can point several types of custom domains: -> URL for the coupons -> URL for the loyalty cards -> URL for the login page -> URL for the coupon directory -> URL for the validation widget -> URL for Landing Pages

How to setup your domain(s)?
Go to your domain name DNS Settings.
Create following CNAME-records, pointing it to our servers.


It can take a few hours before those changes will be visible.

Note: If you want to point a domain without a subdomain eg: instead of it is possible to but you need to have a provider who can do CNAME flattening. We advice to use to setup these kind of advanced setups.


Read here an article how to setup the CNAME records in Godaddy.


Read here an article how to setup the CNAME records in Cloudflare.

Next steps?

Inform our support team ( after you have pointed your domain names. Do not forget to mention which domain names you have pointed to us. Our team will setup it on our end and inform you when it's ready. It can take up to 48 hours after ordering. If you need it very urgent please contact support.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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