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How to increase the number of validations

It is possible to remind customers that interacted with your Coupon. You can let them know that the Coupon is about to expire and motivate them to take action. Follow my lead to set such an automated mail communication up with our Automation Flow Builder.

Keep in mind that you need to capture data like email address or phone number in your coupon to send out reminder mails or text messages.

You'll find the feature at integrations (1). Hit proceed (2) under Flow Automation to open the creator.

Then press 'add automation'

Now select 'coupon'

Select the coupon you want to set up an automated flow for. This modal appears.

Press on 'X days before expiration'.

Then select 'send'

Now you'll see a text with red words in it. First press on the red 'X'. Enter the numbers of days. I'm going for 2 in this example. Hit Proceed

Now press on 'Y' and select how you're going to send a message. Select 'Email'.

Now set up the email content. Hit proceed.

Now press on 'Z' and decide who'll receive the email. Select 'Customer'. Hit 'Proceed', next 'Create'

Congratulations, you have succesfully created your automation!

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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