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How to set up a Landing Page with promo code verification before redirection to coupon/voucher

It is possible to set up a Landing Page that functions as a portal. Only when people know, for example, their promo code, they get access to the digital discount coupon, voucher or loyalty card.

The predefined codes feature is on request. Get in touch with the support team for access.

Let's have a look at how it works for digital coupons.

First, let's open the Landing Page builder. Go to 'distribution' and then hit 'proceed'.

The Landing Page Overview opens. Select 'create Landing Page' and then click on a template. I'm using the burger one in my example.

Your Landing Page Builder opens. Press near the 'submit' button (1) to open the 'edit form' modal. Press on edit form. (2)

The form settings modal appears.

Let's start at the action tab. (1) Select 'coupon' as campaign type (2) and select single-use (3). Toggle redirect as send type (4) to redirect people from your Landing Page to the campaign. Other options are Email, SMS or Wallet. Now, select a coupon (5) and enable single-use (6).

Now this has been taken care of, it's time to set up the input fields for the Landing Page. Switch to the input tab (1) and hit the green '+' sign (2).

Press on 'new input' to set up and edit the input fields on your Landing Page.

First, customize the label to 'promo code' (1) and select 'text' as input type. (2). Then enable all switches below. (3)

Required = make it mandatory to fill out in order to continue.
Unique = entry has to be unique. This has to be in enabled to check for duplicates.
If unique is enabled and a user tries using his code again, he'll simply receive the SAME coupon as he did before.
If unique is disabled, and a user tries using his code again, he'll receive a NEW coupon.
Predefined Codes = Generate or import the predefined promo codes.

Hit 'manage codes' to import or generate those codes (4).

The modal below appears. You can either import promo codes as a .txt file (1) or have our system autogenerate them for you. (2) For both ways, you'll be able to set up the number of winning codes. (3) If you don't select a number of winning codes, all codes will be 'winning codes'.

Text file: make sure to create random codes for extra security. Also keep in mind to enter each code on a new line in the .txt file.
Have our system generate them for you. I'm using this method in my example. Enter how much codes you need (100) , select the composition (alphanumeric, numeric, alphabetical) and the length of the codes.
Toggle number of winning codes to allow a predefined number of winners instead of all codes.
Now select 'generate codes'.

When you generate codes through our system, a .txt file is automatically exported. The .txt file contains ALL codes (winning or losing). The overview in the system, only contains the winning codes.

Hit on the 'eye icon' above to preview and test it! Enter a promo code in the window and check if you get access to your coupon!

If you managed to access the coupon, it means you had a winning code. If you navigate back to the 'code manager' you'll that specific code has been used.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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