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How to launch single-use digital campaigns via my landing page

The most common fear of merchants is coupon abuse. At Coupontools, we provide various ways to tackle fraud. Here's how you can guarantee single-use campaigns when distributing campaigns via your landing page. Follow my lead!

1) First method:

Navigate to 'distribution' -> 'proceed' landing page builder.

The builder below opens up. Press on 'create landing page'

Press on one of the templates to select one.

Let's alter the design of the landing page a bit. Press on a module (1) on the landing page to edit or delete it (2). Drag an drop the modules left from the landing page builder on the landing page to add new modules (3).

Let's add a form. This is how you add your campaigns to your landing page. Press on the form you just added. Click 'edit form'.

The form settings modal appears. Select at Coupon Type: 'Single Use'.

An error will show up mentioning that you have to take care of the following:

Make sure to configure a unique input field in order to check for duplicates.

To solve this error, you'll have to add a unique input field to your landing page.

Navigate to 'input'. Press on 'label'
Compose a name for the label. I'll use 'Customer ID' for this example.
Select the input type: I select number.
Next, select both require and unique.

Requiring unique input means that if the same code is entered twice, there will not be sent a second campaign.

2) Second method:

Navigate to the action tab. First select Single-use. Then select under 'send type' 'SMS'. The last red box is where you set up your message and select your coupon.

Once done, go back to 'input'. There you'll already find the phone label and phone input because you have set it up at the actions tab.
Once again select 'required' and 'unique'.

This way every unique phone number inserted receives a unique coupon. If the number is already used, the coupon won't unlock and the 'duplicate error message' will show.

Keep in mind that you can also set up single-use campaigns at the campaign builder. More instructions are provided in this article.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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