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What are the biggest differences between the price packages?

Here are the differences between, Lite, Bronze, Silver and Gold:

1000 user interactions
Lite campaign builder, with the lite campaign builder you have limited features.

You can only build a regular coupon and scratch and win coupon
Basic distribution methods ( Email, text messaging, webiste integration and social media)


10,000 user interactions
Lite campaign builder: With the lite campaign builder you have limited features

For example:

You can only change colors for the coupon and upload max 1 logo for all of your coupons.

You cannot place your social media on the coupon.

You have limited claim actions (share coupon on Facebook or enter personal data).

You can use the validation button, validation password and a QR-code as a validation method.

You have basic distribution methods: Email / SMS marketing, Website pop-ups, Share coupon on social media and Smartlinks campaigns

No sub account manager

Everyone will also see that the coupons are powered by Coupontools. With Silver subscription plan you are able to change that to your own company name


50,000 user interactions
Advanced coupon builder:

With the Advanced coupon builder you can create a coupon with the colors that you want to have instead of using the preset colors and you can even change the font type and button border color.

You are able to add more details on your coupon.
for example, you can add a countdown timer when the coupon will be expired.

You can add a start date of when the coupon will be available.

You can setup a fixed number of coupons that a user can claim or validate.

You can add a social login for the customer. This means that before they proceed with the coupon they will have to login first either with Facebook, Email or with Datacapture (gamified coupons).

You have more claim actions (Install an app, make a payment, Watch a video + make a payment and you can add more options with 'Enter personal data').

You can use Mobile Wallet as a save method for the customers.

All validation methods.

You can change the 'powered by' text to your company name.

Sub account manager where you can give each subaccount a maximum of 50 active campaigns.
(NOTE: User interactions are not seperate from your main account)

More integration methods such as Zapier read more here

You can use our marketing materials

You can add teammates to your account

Custom domain license (NOTE: This is an additional cost)
Read more information about the custom domain license here


250,000 user interactions
Has all the features of Bronze and Silver altogether.
Access to REST API & Webhooks
Dedicated customer success manager
You can import custom barcodes


Anyone can request a custom quote whether you are Bronze, Silver or Gold

With a custom quote you can request:

A custom CRM integration
A custom email or SMS integration
Custom game development
Graphic design
POS integration
Custom Google & iOS development
Project management
SLA (service-level agreement)

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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