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Can I review my sub account's coupons before adding it on my coupon directory?

Yes, in our software we have a "review manager" where you can see all the coupons that your clients have created and want to put live on your coupon directory. With this you can also accept or decline the coupon.

Why would I need the review manager?

If you let businesses create a sub account and create their own coupons to add to your coupon directory/app you can use the review manager. The sub account can set a coupon to "review" mode after it's created.

You, the administrator of the app/coupon directory will receive a notification each time when we sub account created a new coupon, and you can accept/decline that coupon immediately from the backend.

If you decline a coupon then you can also write down why their coupon has been declined (for example, not enough info about the coupon, typing error, wrong save methods, etc... .) and the sub account will receive a notification to update their coupon.

This is what the main account sees after the sub-account has submitted their coupon for review:

When you click on 'Refuse' you can write down why the coupon has been rejected:

When you click on 'Approve' you can add this to one of your coupon directories:

This is what the sub-account sees when he/she wants to submit their coupon in your directory:

P.S. If you don't see our "review manager" feature in your account please contact and we'll enable it for you!

Feel free to contact us anytime by email ( or you can contact our chat support on your dashboard

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