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How to distribute your mobile coupon directory

Once you have customized your directory and added the coupons to it, it is time to finally launch your coupon directory. I'll walk you through the various methods.

First, let's open the coupon directory in the directory builder and navigate to the launch tab of the coupon directory.

Social media

Built-in social media integration to immediately publish your digital coupon directory on your social media channels. It includes the main social media channels and allows you to compose a text that's shared on your social media with the directory.

QR codes

The Coupontools software provides a built-in QR code generator to distribute your digital coupon directory via a QR code. Customize the layout, generate the QR code and finally download the QR code in your desired size.
Be aware: this QR code is meant for MULTI-USE meaning every customer can scan the QR code and it opens a directory for every scan.

Website & App integration

It is possible to embed your digital coupon directory directly into your website. If you click on 'website integration' you'll find an Iframe integration and WordPress integration codescript that you can use to embed the digital coupon directory directly into your website. Learn how to configure it!


Generate smartlinks for your digital coupon directory instead of using the default generic coupon directory URL. It is possible to add a customized suffix to the URL. Learn how to set it up.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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