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How can I connect my POS device to Coupontools to setup validation tracking?

If you use our platform to display unique barcodes, you are able to integrate those in your POS device.
Our coupon will display the barcode but our platform will not know if that barcode was scanned or not.

How to setup validation tracking?

Through API

The POS can send an API call/webhook to Coupontools to mark the coupon as used.
The POS can send "operation=validated" to our system + optional the money spent value.
These data will be stored in the campaign statistics.

Read here our API docs:

Adding a validation button below the barcode

We have an alternative method to track validations without any development changes.
We can add a validate button below the barcode.
So the cashier can scan the barcode and the consumer can click the validate button.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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