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How to display discount codes for webshops on the validation page for my coupon?

To display a discount code on the validation page of your coupon, go to validate options under After Claim of your coupon builder

There you can set up a coupon value on the validation page. But the coupon value can be changed to 'Promo code' and that can act as a discount code. see pictures below

Here is how the discount code looks like on the validation page

Bonus tip: You can also set up a redirect button to your webshop on the validation page.
The redirect button can lead the customer to a webpage of your webshop where they can enter the code. Check out the example image below.
This button is available on request. Please contact our support team to enable it in your account. If enabled you can add a button text + button URL on the validation settings.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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