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How can I give my customers a login to view their coupon statistics?

Step 1 - create a subaccount

In the control panel, go to "subaccounts"

Create a subaccount for the customer and give access rights to statistics.

Step 2 - move a coupon to a subaccount

After you created a subaccount you can move an existing coupon to a subaccount. You can go to "campaign overview" and select "actions" and "move"

Step 3 - send login credentials to your subaccount

From the subaccount dashboard you can send an email to your subaccount with his/her login credentials.

Step 4 - manage your subaccounts access rights.

From the subaccount manager you can setup your subaccount.
You can allow a subaccount to view statistics only or also allow the subaccount to edit campaigns.

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