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How to combine Manychat with Coupontools through Zapier?

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is the #1 bot platform on Facebook Messenger for marketing, e-commerce, and support. You'll need a Manychat Pro account otherwise you cannot use Zapier.

What is Zapier?

An automation tool to setup marketing automation between 2000 apps.
It allows you to connect ManyChat with Coupontools without any developer knowledge needed.

How to start?

First create the chatbot in ManyChat and the coupon in Coupontools.
When both are ready you can continue with the steps below.

How to setup the automation to send the coupon?

In ManyChat you can use the trigger "add tag" -> add here for example "pizzacoupon".
So it means ManyChat will add the tag "pizzacoupon" to this chat conversation.

Now you can create a Zapier zap:
Step 1: A new tagged user in ManyChat (Zapier will trigger when a new user is tagged.)

Step 2: The tag matches "pizzacoupon" (you can setup multiple tags in Manychat)

You can find Coupontools on Zapier by using this URL:

Step 3: Create a single use coupon session in Coupontools (Create for this chat conversation user a unique single use coupon.
This steps allows you to store also first name, last name, email, customid (eg facebook ID)

Step 4: Send back a message in Manychat. You can specify here to which user and which is the Single Use Coupon URL.

How to setup other automation?
You can setup a trigger "After coupon validation" that will send a message in Manychat. Example: To ask for a review or other questions.
This can also become a delayed question (add a Zapier delay of for example 10 hours or days)

Also we have the ability to lookup a coupon session through Zapier.

You can create a delay , example: wait 10 days, and then lookup the coupon session.
This lookup will give back to Zapier all data we have about this specific coupon user.

And then set a filter:
if validated=0 -> remind the user that his coupon will expiry soon.
if validated=1 -> send user another offer

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