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How to import or generate promo codes for a Coupon Directory

It is possible to require a promo code for users registering themselves for your coupon directory.

This feature is on request! Get in touch with support to get access to the promo codes system for the coupon directory.

What is a promo code? It's a code that the user needs to fill in for access to your directory. Without the code or when entered a false code, access to the directory is denied. It is possible to import or generate up to 50 000 unique promo codes!

How to import my own promocodes?

Open your coupon directory builder.

Enable user registration.

Now, navigate to the payment tab. (1) First, allow the payment option. (2). Then, press on the promocode tab (3) and enable the feature (4). Customize the text and button that's displayed on the promo code page (5). Then select, 'manage promo codes (6).'

The page below opens: press on 'import' (1)

There are 3 options to start using promo codes for your directory. Manually import, (1) import a txt. (2) file or auto-generate them via our system. (3)

Manually import

Enter your promo codes manually (1) and hit import after it (2). The promo codes are added to the promo code overview.

For additional security, make sure the codes are radomized.

Import a .txt file.

First create a .txt file with the promo codes

Keep in mind to set up random promo codes and to have each code start on a new line. Otherwise, it won't work properly.

Now, let's upload the file you just created. Hit 'select file' (1), select the .txt file and proceed (2). After you hit proceed, the promo codes are seamlessly imported.

Auto-generated by our system

The last option is to auto-generate promo codes using our system. This way, you're already certain of random promo codes.

1) First indicate how many unique promo codes you need.
2) Then enter a prefix of the code. This is about the first digits of the promo codes.
3) Indicated how many digits are added to the prefix.
4) Select if the digits are alphanumeric or numeric.
5) Hit proceed.

After you hit proceed, you'll be redirected to the promo code overview. This is what my example looks like:

1) The overview of the imported promo codes, used promo codes and unused promo codes.
2) Manually imported promo codes
3) .txt file imported promo codes
4) Auto-generated promo codes.

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