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How to set up PaymentWall for digital vouchers

It is possible to receive payments through digital vouchers using Paymentwall. Paymentwall's main advantage is that is has various payment options worldwide.

This feature is on request! Get in touch with support for access to Paymentwall.

Once you have requested your access to PaymentWall, open the voucher builder and select a template.

Next, go to 'payment settings' (1) and 'make a payment'. (2) Then select 'Paymentwall' (3)

Now, log in to your Paymentwall account and open the 'project settings' (1) and settings (2) now copy your account's Project and Secret Key. (3)

You also need to create a widget. (1) You need the widget code later in this setup. (2)

Now, delete the current data in de windows and paste those keys and other information in the correct window in the voucher builder.

Paste your project key

Paste your secret key

Enter the email address your Paymentwall account is registered on

Create a widget in Paymentwall and copy the widget code and paste it into the widget window.

For the full setup, I recommend to directly browse Paymentwall's help desk.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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