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I want to use my own email or SMS provider/software to distribute the coupons?

Yes, if we do not have an integration yet you can still use your own provider to send the coupons by email or SMS.
There are 5 possibilities:

1. distribute multi use coupons

Each coupon has a multi use URL. You can use that URL in your SMS or email body.
It is the same URL for every sms/email.

You cannot track redemptions per phone or email address.

It is not single use. Recipients can share the email or SMS with others.

Read here more about coupon security

2. generate unique coupon codes

Go to "integrations" and select "single use codes"
Here you can generate a batch file with for example 10 000 unique coupon URLS.
You can use those URLS in your existing software to send 1 URL to 1 receiver by using merge fields.

3. API integration

With our API you can generate also single use codes.
It allows you to develop your own integration. For each receiver you can generate on-the-fly a single use code and also pass additional information (like name, phone, email etc)
It allows you to track the redemptions per contact.

Read here the API docs

4. Zapier

We have a Zapier integration. Zapier has 2000+ apps built-in which you can connect with Coupontools.
Example: If a new contact was added in one app, send a coupon by email through Coupontools

5. Request a new integration

You can contact our team ( to request a new integration.
We can add new integrations in our dashboard on request at additional costs.
We will first make a quote how much it will cost.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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