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Where can I view, manage and export users that registered for my coupon directory?

In this article I will explain you how to find all the registered users.

Where to find?

Navigate to your directory overview. Then press on 'actions' and select 'registered users'

The overview below opens.

Export button: Export all directory registrations to a CSV file for further analysis.

Add new user: Manually add a new user to your directory. A modal pops up where you can fill out all credentials. The user receives a mail with the credentials after it.

Details: More interesting details about that specific user. More about this later in the article.

Disable button: Deny access for a specific user. If disabled, a modal appears on the directory that the user's access is disabled. The disable button will transform into an enable button. This way, you can give that specific user access again if necessary.

Delete button: Delete the user. Keep in mind that this action can't be undone and that the user will have to register again.

More about '3' - the details.

All user data concerning that specific customer.

Billing information. You can also check the billing log.

Send reset link: so you can provide that customer a password reset link by email. Also another 'disable' and 'delete' button.

Campaign interaction log: Check what campaigns the user interacted with and the status of the campaigns (viewed, played, claimed or validated)

Other methods?

Use the API to pull all data in JSON.
Use Zapier to autmatically add the new registrated users to other platforms.

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