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Add Loyalty Card Holders that received stamps/points to a Email/SMS list

Using the automation flow builder, you can easily pass on loyalty card registrations to a contact list. Follow my lead to set this up.

This feature is on request! Get in touch with the support team to have it enabled for your account!

Once you have access to the feature, you'll find it at integrations (1), flow automation (2). Hit proceed to open the creator.

Then press 'add automation'

Select loyalty card.

The campaign selector opens. Select the loyalty card you want to transfer data from. Hit proceed.

The flow automation creator opens. Click on 'customer action'.

Now press on 'Stamps/points received.

Next, press on 'add to'.

Click on the red 'Y'

Now select what kind of list (SMS or EMAIL) and you want to add the card holder's credentials to when points/stamps were received for the card you connected.

Then hit 'proceed' and next 'create'.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up the automation.

Updated on: 13/04/2021

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