In this article I will explain you everything about sorting by GPS for directories.

To activate the GPS sorting features , edit your coupon directory, click on 'Advanced settings' and select the "Advanced" tab.

Turn on ‘Google Maps integration’ and then turn on ‘Ask customer GPS location’
Once enabled, the coupon directory will ask each visitor for his GPS location and auto sort by location.
Optional you can also enable ‘Show radius’ which allows you to limit visible campaigns only in a certain radius arround the user.

After you’ve enabled it, you’ll see multiple options pop up

With ‘Zoomfactor’, you can decide how much your map is zoomed in. The higher the number, the more zoomed in your map is.

With ‘Radius’, you can decide the reach of the cutomers’ location, starting from 5 miles or kilometres to 100 miles or kilometres.
You can alo setup a start lat/longitude where the map should point if NO GPS location is known.

Now your company directory is working on GPS location.
The consumer will see the distance for each coupon in the overview + wil see the radius if enabled.

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