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How do I prevent customers to use the same coupon multiple times on my coupon directory?

If you want to avoid your customers to use the coupon multiple times then it is strongly recommended you turn on user registration or to use single-use coupons.
A directory without registration can be accessed from many different devices and has almost no security to prevent users to use the coupon multiple times. Of course, the option can be combined as well.

1) User registration

With user registration enabled all the coupons in the directory are available only once per registered user.
If registration is enabled it is also possible to hide used coupons for directory users.

In the advanced coupon builder it is possible to setup "reset after validation" settings. It will allow the user to use the coupons for example once per week or once per month.

2) Single-use coupon mode

Another option is to enable single-use coupon mode for every coupon. This way, people can only use the coupon once.


It's possible to display single-use Coupons in your Coupon Directory. Why would you do that? For extra security. Users can't share your Coupons and only the ones with the correct, single-use Coupon URL have access. Follow my lead to see how it's done.

First, open the Coupon Directory Builder. Navigate to Cards (1) and open the drop-down menu under the 'Campaigns' button (2). Select 'Content manager'. (3)

Next, click on the 'Edit'-button of the coupon you want to edit.

The Coupon Builder will open. Press on advanced settings (1) and scroll to the bottom of that page. There you'll find 'Enable single-use coupon mode'. (2) Enable it. You'll see a 'message window' pops-up. (3) You can adjust the message visitors will see when they can't access your coupon.

I'll now show you when that message is displayed.

Open the coupon from the Coupon Builder. You'll experience you can't preview the Coupon because you don't have the correct single-use access URL. The system will block me.

I can open the Coupon through my Coupon Directory. The system auto-generates a single-use access URL for me.


Why is this convenient? Users can't share the Coupon with each other because they need the entire coupon URL to have access to the Coupon. If they do share the entire URL, only one person can use that Coupon. If they share the short URL, the above mentioned message will appear. That the need the correct access URL to open the Coupon. Great feature against fraud.

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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