Go to the 'Payment' tab page in the 'Advanced settings' section of your coupon directory builder and enable 'Payment'.

Once you have enabled it, you'll see that multiple option will show up

The coupon directory only supports PayPal, at this moment.
We will add more payment methods in the future or we can add other providers on request (ask a quote at sales@coupontools.com)

There are 5 payment methods:
Daily recurring payment
Weekly recurring payment
Monthly recurring payment
Yearly recurring payment
One time payment

Payment settings
With the payment method, you can set up the currency, paypal account/ID, a description, the amount they have to pay you (based on recurring payment) and you can ask your customers some additonal questions (max 2). These questions can be used to track affiliates. You can also force users to immediately pay after registration

Feel free to contact us anytime by email or by chat message if you have additional questions!
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