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How to deduct points from a loyalty card

You can add/deduct points to/from a loyalty card. I'll show you how to handle it. Check the video below or follow the step-by-step written guidelines.

First, open a Loyalty Card in the loyalty card builder. We first need to set up a location. Go to general settings (1), locations (2) and press 'add location' (3)

The modal below opens up. The company (1), email address (2) and validation password (3) are required. The email and password are used to sign a merchant into our validation tool. Hit save.

Let's sign in to the validation zone, or the validation app. Use the credentials we just set up.

Once logged in, press on 'enter customer code' (1) then hit submit. (2)

Now enter the number of points you want to subtract. Keep in mind, that for a subtraction, you need to add a '-' in front of the number.

If done correctly, you'll notice the points' tally decreased with the number of points you entered. So I went from 50 to 20 points.

Updated on: 23/04/2021

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