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How to send a message to a group (bulk message)

To send your coupon through SMS, go to 'Distribution (1)' and select 'Proceed (2)' at SMS marketing.

Click on 'Login' and you will be redirected to '' on a new tab.

To send a coupon to a group of receivers, click on 'Bulk SMS' under 'Shortcuts' and you will go to 'Bulk SMS' where you can set up your SMS coupon

You can also go to 'Bulk SMS' by clicking on 'Send SMS' on the left menu and select 'Bulk SMS'

1 Select a group
2 Once selected, your selection will go to the 'Your selection' box
3 Select a coupon
4 Type your message
5 Choose 'Date and Time' or 'Immediately' to set the send time
6 Click on the 'Send' button

You will find your sent messages in the "History" when they were sent or in the "Outbox" waiting to be sent in the future.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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