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How to set up automated birthday marketing by SMS

Using the Coupontools, you can set up automated birthday text messages with an embedded coupon that send out on your customer's birth date. Follow my lead to set it up.

First, log into your SMS software. Go to 'Distribution' and then 'SMS Marketing'. Click 'proceed'.

Hit login.

Now you're logged into your account.

Import contact list

First, let's import a contact list. Navigate to 'contact list' (1) . Select 'import' (2)

The following modal with options appears. Press on 'advanced import' (1).

Please pay close attention to the following guidelines. (1) If ready, import your CSV. file. (2)

Before the CSV file is imported, you first need to match the data. I used the example file in this example. (1) was okay. (2) required some adjustments and then hit import (3).

Now this has been taken care of, let's finally send out a digital coupon to all your contacts.

Set up automated birthday messages

Navigate to 'advanced' (1) and select 'birthday SMS' (2).

Then, press on 'add' message to configure a message.

First, select which contact list you want to send out to (1). Next, select a field name if you want to personlize the SMS (2). The field name is replaced by the actual value that's listed in the file. Next, select the coupon you want to send out (3). Customize the text that accompanies the coupon (4) and select the hour you'd like to send out the text message (5). Finally, hit save.

NEVER DELETE [DO-NOT-REMOVE-THIS-UNIQUE-COUPON-CODE-GENERATOR]. This will be replaced by your actual coupon url.
The text message will be automatically send out when 'today's date' matches the customer's birth date.

Once configured all this, you can sit back and relax while your customers receive their unique congratulating message on their birthday.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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