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How to set up a Landing Page that transfers data to a data capture form in a coupon

Yes, it is possible to transfer data your customers entered on the landing page to the connected coupon. You just need to make sure that coupon includes a data capture form and that it displays the same fields for seamless transmission.

The default data input fields such as name, first name, email address, phone number,.. are already there. However, if you want to transfer custom input fields such as (customer code,..) you need to request your access to 'input custom fields' feature. Get in touch with support to request access.

The setup: landing page

First, open your landing page builder. Go to 'distribution' and press 'proceed'.

Press on 'create landing page' (1). I select the burger template (2).

Let's customize the form module. Click on 'phone' (1) and then on 'edit form' (2).

The following modal appears. Let start adding additional input fields to the form. I'm setting up: First name, Last name, Email and customer code. Make sure you match it to the right input type and field type. Last name, first name have fixed field types. Phone and email should be configured 'others'. I'll help you set up the custom field below.

Press on the input you want to configure (1). Customize the label (2). Select an input type. I'm selecting number because it's going to be a numeric code. (3) Because this field isn't in the selector yet, you should select 'custom field 1' (4). Don't forget to require it (5).

Now, let's connect a coupon to the landing page. Navigate to 'action' (1). Select coupon as campaign type (2). I'll keep this on multi-use because it's just an example. (3) I'm selecting 'redirect' as send type. (4). Finally, connect your coupon to the landing page (5).

Keep in mind that if you change the send type from SMS to redirect, your phone input field will disappear. You can easily add a phone number field again as described earlier.
The setup: digital coupon with data capture

First, open the coupon you connected to your landing page to ensure that all data fields match with the landing page. Once you have opened the coupon, navigate to 'claim action(s)' (1) make sure you select 'enter personal data' (2). Make sure that you have enabled First name, Last name, email and mobile phone number. Make it required as well (3).

Now let's arrange the code field. Scroll a bit down and enable 'custom field' (1) and select 'custom field 1' (2). That's also the one that we connected it to from the landing page. Customize the label to 'Code' (3) and make it both required and unique (4).

Let's check!

Navigate back to your landing page and open it. Press 'view'.

Enter your data and hit submit. You'll be redirected to the coupon.

Continue the coupon until you see the data capture form. You'll noticed that the data we have put in on the landing page, is already pre-populated in the coupon's data capture form. Hit submit to continue.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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