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How to set up a Landing Page with a fixed password

It is possible to secure your landing page with a fixed or a unique password. This means that only people who know the password will receive your coupon. Let's have a look on how to set this up.

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Fixed password

To require a password on your landing page, you need access to the predefined codes.
The predefined codes feature is on request. Get in touch with the support team for access.

Let's have a look at how it works for digital coupons.

First, let's open the Landing Page builder. Go to 'Distribution' and then hit 'proceed'.

The Landing Page Overview opens. Select 'create Landing Page' and then click on a template. I'm using the burger one in my example.

Your Landing Page Builder opens. Press near the 'submit' button (1) to open the 'edit form' modal. Press on edit form. (2)

The form settings modal appears.
Let's start at the action tab (1). Select 'coupon' as campaign type (2) and select single-use (3). Leave the send type on SMS if you want to deliver the coupon via SMS (4). Select a coupon to link to your Landing Page (5). Enable single-use (6). Customize the content of the SMS that accompanies the coupon (7).

Now let's go to the 'input' tab (1). Press on the phone label (2). A modal appears. Enable 'unique' (3) at the bottom of it. When done, hit the green plus sign to add a new label (4) to your landing page.

Now let's set up the password window and label. Press somewhere near your added input field (1) to open it. Change the label to 'password' (2) - and as input type I select number (3). (My password is a number). Enable required (4) and predefined codes (5). Select 'manage codes' when you're done.


Now let's import the fixed passwords.

Keep in mind that you have to import as many passwords as you're planning to use. So if you're aiming for 100 participants, you should import 100 identical passwords. Imports are only possible in .txt files.

This is an example .txt file with identical passwords.

TRICK: Enter your password once in Excel, duplicate it a hundred times and copy all entrees to the .txt file.

Press on the window to import your file (1). Then press 'import codes' (2).

This is how the imported codes/passwords look like:

Let's preview!

I have entered my details and a password. The modal appears mentioning that my campaign is sent to my smartphone.

What if someone tries again?

Then that entry receives the exact same coupon again. It isn't considered a new entry, so it doesn't use a new password as well.

E.g. If you have imported 10 passwords and someone uses one, you'll have 9 remaining. If the same person (with the same phone number) tries again, he'll receive the exact same coupon by SMS. You'll still have 9 remaining passwords because this isn't a new entry.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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