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Can I protect access to my coupon directory with a password or pincode?

Yes that's possible, here you can find an overview of all Coupon Directory security possibilities:

Standard features:

User registration
User registration + payment (read more)

On demand features:

Password protection (1 unique password to access the Coupon Directory, identical for all users.
Promo codes (unique codes per user).

Please contact our support team to enable these features in your account. They are hidden by default.

API access (Gold license only)

Create single-use access URLS for Coupon Directories through the API:
Api docs:

Example use case: If you have a hotel and you have guests checking in, each guest has a different check-in and check-out period. You want to grant the guest access to the Coupon Directory only during their stay in your hotel. With the API call above, you can create a unique Directory URL for guests, which only works within a specific date range.

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