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How to set up a Directory Registration Page

It is possible to set up a Mobile Coupon Directory with user registration. This way, users can’t browse nor use your deals with out enrolling themselves first. Great way to gather customer data and offering valuable coupons to specific customers. Furthermore, we also provide a payment method. More information is provided in this article.

How do you set up a Directory registration?
Open your Coupon Directory Builder. Navigate to the Registration tab (1) . Select ‘require user registration (email)’ (2). Select and require which data is necessary for the enrollment.

At the registration tab you also define if users can log off or can edit their profiles.

Enter a description for the registration page to instruct user what to do. I used the 'enter your personal details to check our deals' text. This text is displayed above the registration form.

The image below is the example I have set up.

If you want to experience a Mobile Coupon Directory with or without Registration. Press on the example below.

Without registration

With registration

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