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What happens if I exceed my user interactions in my package?

In our pricing plans there's a predefined number of user interactions included.

More information about what defines a user interactions is provided in this article.

Default packages:

Bronze = 10 000 user interactions
SIlver = 50 000 user interactions
Gold = 250 000 user interactions

There are also package between our default packages if you need more user interactions:

Between bronze and silver:
Bronze+= 30 000 user interactions for $197

Between silver and gold:
Silver+ = 100 000 user interactions for $397
Silver++ 150 000 user interactions for $497
Silver+++ 200 000 user interactions for $597

What happens upon exceeding the predefined number of user interactions included in my plan?

If you only exceed your predefined number of interactions with a couple of interactions, nothing will happen.

You're plan WILL NOT automatically upgrade to a higher pricing if you exceed. You'll be notified and contacted by us to upgrade your plan.

Upon exceedance, your campaign WILL NOT be locked and remains accessible for customers.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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