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Can I add multiple redeem locations on my coupon?

Yes, you can add multiple locations. To do this, simply click on 'Add location' on the location section of your coupon builder.

You are limited to the amount of locations you can add per subscription:

Lite and Bronze: Up to 5 redeem locations

Silver and Gold: Unlimited redeem locations

How to add?

Add location

It will allow you to add additional locations one per one.
Just click the button and there is a window to add a new location.

Copy locations from campaign

If you want to copy all redeem locations from another coupon, then simply click on 'Copy locations from campaign' and select the coupon where you want to copy from.

Import CSV file

If you want import multiple locations at once, then you can also import a CSV file.

You can download an example CSV file here to have an idea about how you have to set up the locations in your CSV file.

Download our Example CSV file

Please note: For each redeem location you can setup an unique validation password. With these passwords, you can validate coupons. This will allow you to track the coupon redemptions per location.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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