Yes, that's possible.
If you want to limit the amount of claims or validations go to 'General settings' of your coupon builder.

(NOTE: this is only possible if you have Silver or Gold subscription)

If you scroll all the way down you will see ' Limit the amount of claims or validations'

Here you can set up the maximum amount of claims or validations.

For example:

If you have set up 50 claims, it means that only 50 customers can claim the coupon. Once the maximum amount has been reached then no one else can have access anymore to claim their coupon.

If you have set up 50 validations, then this means that unlimited customers can claim their coupon but only the first 50 of them can validate their coupon. The rest of your customers are too late to validate their coupon.

You can also set up a text so that your customers know how many coupons are left to be claimed or to be validated.

See images below:

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