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Can I display a unique validation code or barcode to each voucher purchaser?

Yes, you can import your own validation codes or barcode values and combine these with voucher purchases.

First create your voucher with the voucher builder.
Go to the "Validation methods" under "After purchase" and turn on 'Display your own imported validation codes'.
A button that says 'Manage your own validation codes' will pop up right next to it.

How to import unique barcodes?

click on "Import" to open the page where you can import your validation codes.

How to setup my voucher to display those barcodes?

If you have enabled the "Import your own validation codes" it will display the validation code.

Optional you can also display a barcode:
in the 'validation methods' page you can enable "show a barcode" and select the barcode format (eg QR code, GS1, UPCA, etc)

How does it look for consumers who purchased the voucher?

Our software will grab for each voucher purchase one (1) unique bar code value or validation code and display it on the validation page.

Updated on: 15/05/2020

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